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Fund Strategy

The investment objective of the Tributary Balanced Fund is capital appreciation and current income.

The Fund uses a disciplined approach of allocating assets among the three major asset groups: common stocks, debt securities (bonds) and cash equivalents. Based on the adviser's assessment of market conditions, the Fund will invest 25% to 75% of its total assets in stocks and convertible securities, and at least 25% of its total assets in fixed income securities. The Fund may invest in securities issued by companies of large, medium, or small capitalizations.

Risk / Return Considerations

Stocks are more volatile and carry more risk and return potential than other forms of investments. Bonds offer a relatively stable level of income, although bond prices will fluctuate, providing the potential for principal gain or loss. Cash equivalents offer low risk and low return potential. This Fund generally would be considered to have more risk and return potential than the Tributary Income Fund and less risk and return potential than the Tributary Mid Cap Growth Fund.

Investor Profile

This Fund is designed for those who seek long-term capital appreciation and current income through a diversified mix of investments.

Fund Facts

Class Cusip Ticker Inception
Institutional 320269814 FOBAX 8/6/1996
Institutional Plus 89609H308 FOBPX 10/14/2011